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The introduction of solid WPC door frames redefined the creative possibilities in interior design. With their innovative style, durability, and eco-friendly nature, these WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) door frames dominate the realm of interior design and cultivate a practice of personalised aesthetics. These door frames offer a stylish and versatile appeal to your doors and further enhance the overall beauty of your living spaces. Let’s look at some creative ways to incorporate solid WPC door frames in your interior design.

Wpc door frames and window frames making and installation video

  1. Colour contrast
    Always choose colours that contrast with your wall. Go for bold colours against neutral walls and dark tones against lighter surroundings.
  2. Alluring texture
    The main attraction of solid WPC door frames is that they are almost identical to wood in texture and visual appearance. These frames are engineered to exhibit a natural wooden elegance and a unique sensory experience.
  3. Protect kitchen and bathroom doors.
    Install solid WPC door frames in your kitchen and bathroom doors to resist moisture and termite attacks and ensure a long-lasting healthy environment for your most vulnerable interior spaces.
  4. No more concerns about wear and tear
    Use solid WPC door frames for doors in high-traffic areas like the front door, and door to the dining area to minimise wear and tear. These doors are highly impact-resistant and promise a prolonged service life with low- maintenance.
  5. Sturdy frames for contented shelves and bookcases.
    Make your shelves and bookcases stronger by installing dimensionally stable solid WPC door frames. Their sturdy construction and structural integrity enable them to hold the weight of your belongings and keep them safe.
  6. Customizable for personalised aesthetics.
    By providing a wide range of designs and textures, these door frames allows you to personalise your interior decor with ease and tailor your living space to reflect your unique aesthetics.

Therefore, in this ever-evolving domain of interior design, solid WPC door frames play a pivotal role in designing your interior spaces with innovative patterns and unique configurations.