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Lyke Wood Door Frame

Ocean Lyke Wood door frames are the best substitute you can find for your ordinary solid wooden frames. Manufactured from Wood Polymer Composite(WPC), these Lyke Wood frames will serve just as same as the wooden structures in terms of strength and visual appeal, meanwhile providing all the additional advantages the regular wood can’t offer.

Unlike the wooden frames, our Lykewood products are completely termite-proof. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about replacements because of termite attacks, which is often the case for normal wooden material. Solid WPC door frames work perfectly fine for back doors and bathroom doors since they are 100% waterproof. Not only the WPC door frames are trendy and sturdy, but they are also highly preferred by architects and builders owing to their amazing distortion resistance and screw holding capacity. No hassles are involved while working with Lykewood frames; the lightweight feature makes it easy for the builders to carry them around and fit into any kind of surface finish.

Ocean frames are available in colors Teak and Rosewood with sizes 65*32 Lyke Wood Eco,  75*50 Lyke Wood Bath, 100*50 Lyke Wood Smart, and 100*65 Lyke Wood Jumbo. Considering the expenses you have to endure for the frequent replacements of wooden frames, Lyke Wood frames are extremely cost-effective since they are made to last longer than wood.