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About our company

Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the largest plastic moulding company in South India with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Injection-moulding, Roto-moulding and Extrusion-moulding. Ocean Polymers is committed to manufacturing water storage solutions that are durable for years to come and completely trustworthy. We work towards crafting water tanks that come in a variety of sizes that start from 300 litres and go up to 20,000 litres covering almost any need of the consumer. As a larger venture, the company also produces RPVC, UPVC, CPVC pipes, H.D.P.E hoses, industrial products such as chemical storage tanks, industrial boxes, containers, sustainable products such as septic tanks and biogas plants.

In order to give our customers the best quality, we have been developing our technology and we take pride in constantly improving our processes and adopting the latest technology and manufacturing procedures. Our workforce is continuously being trained to keep up with the trends in the industry. This hard work and willingness to learn from the entire team has led us to become one of the major players in the field of polymer solutions. As a result of this, we rank first among the best water storage tank dealers, for the effective production of top-notch plastic water tanks in India.

Years of Masterly presence

Mission and Vision

Our promise is to be a responsible plastic moulding company to serve the nation and be a pioneer in the recycling and reusing of plastic materials. As a company, we aim to rebuild the nation by ensuring quality and affordable products to every section of society to uplift the living standards in India.

With our commitment, we work towards being the best plastic moulding company in India and a leading choice around the globe when it comes to plastic products and efficient customer service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority from beginning to end, providing everyone with only the best.



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Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt Ltd


With a promise of providing quality polymer products made of 100% virgin materials, Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established to help society with storage solutions for years on end. The company continues to push the bar of excellence with diverse state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities throughout the region. We are confident that our storage and drainage solutions are one of the best products in the world with a wide selection of high-quality water tanks, septic tanks and a variety of other plastic products. We ensure that our products will make living easier for you by giving you no hassle once you are with us. As a company, we strive to constantly innovate and add more value to our customers and the community at large.

Ocean Polymer Industries Pvt Ltd.

Ocean Polymer Industries Pvt. Ltd. indulges in excellent craftsmanship blended with top-quality products that are eco-friendly in nature. We manufacture wood polymer composite (WPC) solid door, and window frames, The high-quality virgin polymer materials, wood powder and additive chemicals provide strength and durability to the products. Not only are our products UV resistant, but also resistant to rot, decay and corrosion making them long-lasting and trustworthy. The technology that goes behind the extrusion process is the best in the world, a mixture of ground wood particles and PVC resin. We have worked hard towards making WPC the best substitute for wood and plywood. They have superior workability and can easily be moulded and tailor-made to suit your needs of shape and size to bring you exactly what you want.

Ocean Pipes

A venture of the Ocean Group, Ocean Pipes Pvt. Ltd. looks to improve the piping quality throughout the nation by revamping the obsolete and bringing in modern technologies to provide groundbreaking solutions to piping. The technology is the latest around the world to produce superior piping products. We are constantly planning and executing the diversification of our product range to meet the growing needs of various stakeholders in society. Our commitment to growth and innovation in plumbing, irrigation and sewage technologies have brought about various happy customers. To meet the needs and expectations of one and all, we manufacture products that are much needed in the industry, we research in-depth and give the best solutions for everyone. As a company, we would like to pave the way for a sustainable future and provide potable water for generations to come.

Our success story

Mr Philip A Mulakkal, Chairman & Managing Director, Ocean Polymer received MEDIA ONE BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019

Mr Philip A Mulakkal, Chairman & Managing Director, Ocean Polymer received DEEPIKA BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD 2020

Mr Philip A Mulakkal, Chairman & Managing Director, Ocean Polymer received JACEE BIZ AWARD 2020

ISO 9001:2008 was awarded to the Company in June 2011 by DAS Certification Ltd. Hampshire U.K

Managing Partner
Mr. Philip A Mulakkal
is a recipient of
in the year 2004

Ocean group
has been involved
in relief activities to rehabilitate
Tsunami Victims.

rating for “High Performance Capability and Moderate Financial Strength