Water as a sacred element is known to be the symbol of life, purity, fertility and divinity. We believe in delivering it to you in the most natural form to attain ever lasting peace and healing.

Ocean Polymer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
As the abyss of the Ocean, we, the Ocean family possess a deep understanding of our clients requirements and provide all essential services for them. We design and develop all our products for daily use. From household products to International level products for huge industries, Ocean assures 100% guarantee. We are the all-time best manufacturers of PVC Pipes, Water Storage Tanks, Septic Tanks, etc.
We give life to plastics. Assuring warranty, on-time delivery, and customer support makes us unique and different from others. The quality of our products has been appreciated by the Government of India by giving our products the much coveted ISI in the year 2005. Currently, we have a total production capacity of 15,00,000 litres/day.