WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) - The Ocean Group

Ocean Group is the only firm in Kerala, that makes WPC Door Frames, Window frames, Window shutters, etc. These profiles are known under the brand “OCEAN LYKEWOOD”. It is a composite of wood powder, PVC resin, calcium carbonate and ten other chemical substances. A composite heated at a particular temperature is allowed to pass through a mould and gets cooled. This is how OCEAN LYKEWOOD profile is formed. It is made with feet of 7,9 and 10. It can be used for windows, ventilators, garden benches, tables, flowerpots, palettes, etc. Ocean LYKEWOOD puts an end to termite-affected trees, moisture-made swellings, rusting iron, etc. OCEAN LYKEWOOD is available in authentic Kerala colours such as Teak, Yeti, etc. OCEAN LYKEWOOD profiles are good fire retardants. They are available in 425, 42, 32, and 25125 feet. The density of these profiles is the same. Hence, screw holding capacity is also high. These can be painted, polished and PU finished. OCEAN LYKEWOOD profiles are CIPET Test certified.