How to Choose the Best Water Storage Tank - The Ocean Group

Pure Drinking water is a basic need and a proper water supply is a must. One cannot omit the fact that Municipalities often do not supply adequate water throughout the day. So, people prefer to buy water storage tanks for their houses. Nowadays, plastic water tanks are used everywhere. There are different applications of a plastic water storage tank, therefore choose the right tank from the right best water tank manufacturers in India for the right application.

Storage Capacity

The capacity of the tank itself matters. It completely depends on the number of people using water for all of their daily needs in terms of drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing. One can buy either a small, medium or large tank as per the requirement.


A water tank’s durability is too vital. It should be strong to withstand temperature changes and environmental changes. Material for the tank should be specific linear polyethene. The water tank is equally important for preventing dust and other pollutants from contaminating the water. Drinking water storage tanks should be safe & toxin-free.


Tanks in the form of rectangles and squares can be fitted into corners to minimize space. Cylindrical tanks are more suitable for large areas.


Colour is a vital factor in preventing algae growth in water storage systems. Light-coloured plastic water tanks result in algae growth due to sunlight exposure. Most people prefer dark-coloured water tanks only because of this reason.


The brand is the most important factor when buying water tanks. Buying a tank of a renowned brand means buying the perfect tank. Brands are certified manufacturers and have government approvals.


Layers of material are an important factor when considering water storage. There are double-layered and triple-layered water tanks. The multiple layers of the tanks help prevent UV rays from penetrating the tanks.

Warranty Period

Check the warranty period and go with the best water storage tank.


Initially compare the price ranges offered by different water tank suppliers in the market. Ensure the quality with price.

Also, ensure that the brand you choose has quality checkpoints and values customers’ needs.