The Hygiene Series : Self Cleaning Water Tanks | Ocean Group

Maintaining clean water storage can be a daunting task, but self cleaning water tanks are revolutionizing the way we think about hygiene. The Ocean Group introduces a groundbreaking solution for this with, The Unique Ultimate Hygiene Series tanks, their innovative self cleaning tanks. These are designed to address and overcome the common challenges of water tank cleaning.

Traditional water tanks require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent sediments and other contaminants. The Hygiene Series tanks are engineered to eliminate these hassles, providing an efficient solution for hygienic water storage. Theirs main features are:

Ocean Unique Tank – The Ultimate Hygiene Series Water Storage Solutions – Self Cleaning Water Tank

Self-Cleaning Design: The Ultimate Hygiene Series is designed with health and safety in mind. They are completely antibacterial tanks, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms. These tanks provide a hygienic water storage solution by effectively eliminating harmful germs if water is stored for over an hour. Utilizing advanced European technology, these tanks guarantee perfectly hygienic, bacteria-free water.

Full Bottom Support: These tanks are built with full bottom support to enhance their stability and durability. This design not only prevents the tank from deforming but also ensures reducing wastage.

Automated Cleaning Mechanism: Hygiene series tanks come with an integrated system that automatically removes sediments and impurities. This hands-free cleaning process ensures that the tank remains clean without any manual intervention. This cleaning ensure that the water remains fresh and free from contaminants, making them ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use.

The benefits of self cleaning tanks are:

Low-Maintenance: With self-purifying tanks, you no longer need to worry about regular maintenance, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Water Quality: The self-cleaning mechanism ensures that the water stored is of the highest quality, free from any impurities or sediments. 

Cost-Effective: Although the initial investment might be higher than traditional tanks, the long-term savings on maintenance and cleaning make them a cost-effective.

The Ocean Unique water tanks present a game-changing solution for water storage with their self cleaning mechanism. These tanks offer a reliable, hygienic and maintenance-free solution for all your water storage needs.