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Ocean Septic Tank

Ocean septic tanks are known for their durability and high-performance. They are completely leak-proof, prevent E-coli bacterial contamination in the water table, thus inhibits mosquito breeding, unlike conventional septic tanks. The tanks are available at considerable capacities. Ocean large septic tanks do not require frequent pumping’s since they can hold more waste. If you are interested in purchasing smaller ones, do employ regular pumping’s to avoid back up drains and stinky odors.


Ocean plastic septic tanks are built using advanced polymer technology, which contributes to their high wall-thickness. This feature is essential for enduring underground pressures as well as the external stress caused by falling trees or heavy vehicles. The non-degradable plastic from which the tanks are made will ensure their longevity by preventing bacterial infesting. At Ocean, we design each tank with ample volume, giving enough room to store sludge and scum for an extended period. Nevertheless, the rate of solid accumulation may vary according to household size and water usage.

The accurately designed Ocean septic tanks incorporate an efficient biological treatment system. The tank has an allocated amount of space for the solid waste to settle down and undergo anaerobic decomposition to produce effluent, which will be directed to the specified chambers of the tank. The gases evolving from the tank are let out properly so that no nasty smell can disrupt the household. Crafted to fulfill your needs to the fullest, Oceans septic tanks are your ideal choice for a durable septic system. The septic tank prices are utterly reasonable compared to the conventional tanks.

Out of the many qualities that make Ocean tanks ideal for household and industrial use, the leak-free structure of the tanks is one of the main reasons why they are in high demand in the market. We have heard of several issues that could happen once the septic tank starts to leak. The water from the leak can cause the surrounding soil to settle and descend, which can result in the formation of ditches, where rainwater would eventually get collected. Driving through this wet region will be impossible within a short period. Some septic tank leaks can also reduce the oxygen level in the surroundings due to the gas buildups from improper sewage treatment.

Another common issue is the contamination of drinking water due to bad leaks from septic tanks. The dirty liquid from the leaks could easily reach and mix with groundwater to leave it contaminated. Drinking such polluted water can lead to various health conditions for people living in the household. So, it is always better to choose a leak-free and sturdy septic tank to ensure safe drinking water for consumption. Besides, septic systems are meant for the long run, and installing a sturdy tank will be an added benefit for the whole process. Going for cheap tanks will only give you headaches in the future since the replacement of septic tanks are not as easy as installing water tanks and is way more expensive. Purchasing an Ocean septic tank will give you the advantage of having a strong and long-lasting product at budget-friendly rates. Over the years, Ocean Polymers is the best septic tank manufacturers in Kerala and has provided top-quality septic tanks for thousands of customers in Kerala.

Standard Features

  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable and cost effective
  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • Leakproof