Overhead Water Storage Tank Uses and Maintenance - The Ocean Group

Overhead, as the term suggests, is the tank that is placed over the head that is built on a particular height. Overhead tanks not only store water, but also helps to stock chemicals to maintain the flow when they are used. These tanks are used in Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Logistic yards, manufacturing, chemical industries, etc. The motto behind the tank is to achieve maximum efficiency by placing it in an elevated distance. Water is filled inside the tank through pumping from the ground level. It is alike high power motor pumps with high pressure. The best place to place the tank is obviously on the rooftop or terrace. The purpose of Overhead water tanks is to maintain proper distribution of water, to maintain constant pressure and water flow. In domestic purposes like drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, Overhead water tanks satisfy your needs. Washing machines and purifiers need a good water flow, hence these tanks are of great use. The maintenance of these tanks is not so hard. Just clean it, make it dirt free and rust free. It will enhance the quality of water as well as the tank. Clean the tank regularly , inspect thoroughly. It is advisable to clean 2 times in a month. This makes your tank clean and clear. You can empty the tank at times and clean it by using scrubbing brush. Wear whenever you clean your tank. Don’t miss to clean every nook and corner of the tank. You can use bleaching powder that helps in disinfecting the tank. After the process, rinse twice or thrice with clean water. Leave the tank to dry and again make a final inspection on the deposition of dirt. If you are sure that there is no dirt, the. Then you can fill fresh water. Before that, make sure that you have closed all the taps to open the mains water supply to the tank. Overhead water storage tanks are made of virgin material, available in double and triple layers, easy to fit, temperature resistant, and the capacity range from 200L to 10,000L. Hence, buying an Overhead water storage tank will be the best decision that you ever take.