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The most widely used synthetic polymer, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. A chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer, PVC, in its natural state, is hard and brittle. When combined with plastics, it becomes harder. PVC is used in electrical insulation, medical tubing, flooring, furniture, etc. PVC pipes are the carriers to transport water and electricity. High resistance to heat and corrosion makes PVC pipes stand out. There is only a low level of friction, hence it is a preferred material for making pipes. It is eco-friendly too. PVC is available at low costs. It is easy to mould and can be transformed into many shapes and sizes. It is strong and durable enough to pass water at high pressures and is a suitable material to make underground pipes. An added advantage is that PVC won’t react with chemicals, hence it is very safe. Some materials used for making pipes are very much harmful as they react with water, but PVC does not. PVC can last more than 100 years. It is easy to install and available at low rates. PVC is ably recycled. PVC is widely used by sanitation networks and irrigation teams. Underground PVC pipes have very thick walls and are used to supply pure drinking water PVC pipes are used widely in the agricultural sector. It saves 30-50 per cent of water. The PVC water delivery system is easy and convenient. It is also a speedy process. PVC pipes are widely used across the nation. PVC pipes are budget-friendly. Ocean Group is the best PVC Pipe manufacturers in India.